To what degree should I heat the bodysuit?

We recommend starting at lower intensity (1 to 4) and gradually increasing the temperature, the ideal level is the one at which you feel comfortable for a long time. If you need to warm up quickly, choose a higher level (5 to 10), if it’s still comfortable for you.Then, with your bodysuit warmed up, lower … Continued

What size should I choose?

The bodysuits come in XS, S, M, L and XL. Take a look at the size chart. Our tip: If you’re on the fence between two sizes and have larger hips, go a size up. If you have bigger breasts, pick a smaller size. Still can’t decide? Reach out to us at, we will be … Continued

Do I have to switch on the front and back at the same time?

We’ve kept your maximum comfort in mind while developing the perfect design of our bodysuit. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to heat both parts at the same time, or prefer to use just the front or back heaters. Moreover, you can set the temperatures for either part separately.

How long per charge will my bodysuit last?

Set to maximum intensity, approximately 100 minutes, at the lower settings around 3 hours. Our tip: Use the Boost function you find in the app. The bodysuit will warm up to the max in5 minutes, then the temperature drops by itself, and you will be warm and cosy before you can say Body Moody. We … Continued

Should I use the bodysuit only when I’m on my period?

There is no need to restrict yourself! You can appreciate the bodysuit on a trip to the mountains, at the stadium or on a walk in the winter. Thanks to the app, you don’t have to worry about having sufficient layers of clothing, you set the intensity of heating in your smartphone and feel warm … Continued

Can I bathe in the bodysuit?

Never bathe in the bodysuit, as it contains electronic parts. But if you get wet or sweaty, you don’t have to worry – nothing will happen to you, and you can continue to enjoy the warmth.

Can I wash the bodysuit?

You can safely put the bodysuit in the washing machine; just keep the following in mind: choose a gentle wash cycle and don’t use fabric softener. Wash at a maximum of 30 °C using the protective bag that is part of the package. Always make sure that there are no batteries in the pockets. Do not … Continued



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