So time went by

Katka's First Idea
  • Assignment of the theme "Addiction" in the Karel studio at the Design / FA ČVUT - research and idea creation
  • First consultation on conductive textile materials (Lukáš Vojtěch) October
Concrete outlines
  • Sharing the vision and idea for a warm bodysuit at FEL ČVUT
  • Grant application for TA ČR GAMA, Moody - body heating system
  • Katka starts working on the project in cooperation with FEL ČVUT and FA ČVUT
First functional sample
  • Submission of Moody - thesis, functional sample - nomination for the National Student Design Award
  • The project is noticed by the media - Forbes, Seznam TV, Radiožurnál, Metro, Lidovky, etc.
  • Termination of TAČR GAMA grant funding
First outlines
  • Development of a new prototype
  • Testing and optimization of conductive properties, temperature point, battery packaging design
  • Design block exhibition - presentation of a prototype
Testing, connections with Sweden and Dorot
  • Body Moody finalization in five sizes, design optimization for series production and for permanent
  • Establishment of Body Moody

  • Photoshoot of the final Body Moody

And here it is, the first collection is coming to the market

Body Moody helps the first 100 women with menstrual pain



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    Price: 9 950 Kč

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