Bodysuit that warms you up. Heat relieves menstrual pain, back pain, and during bladder inflammations.

No chemicals or side effects.

Body Moody
The warmth will relieve the pain.

Between 50 and 85% of women of childbearing age suffer from menstrual pain. Warming your lower abdomen and lumbar region can relieve tension and alleviate or completely prevent that pain.

The warmth has scientifically proven effects

The warmth has scientifically proven effects of pain-relief.

You will feel better and look great.

Our bodysuit is a combination of patented heating technology, controlled through an app, and a comfortable material in a beautiful cut. It works, and you will feel great in it!

Designed and sewn in the Czech Republic.

We believe that you will appreciate this idea coming from the Czech Republic. The bodysuits are sewn in cooperation with Czech textile companies. We trust Swedish quality and development when it comes to the technology. You will not find this combination anywhere else.

You can try our product and see how it works.

Each one of us is different and everyone needs a custom tailored approach. If the warmth, size or cut wouldn’t suit you, you can return the product within 14 days.

It stared with an idea

In the beginning, Katka wished to relieve women of menstrual pain, even when they’re outside the comfort of their home, with the help of warmth. Allowing women to remain active and the solution wrap into an elegant piece of clothing. That’s how Body Moody came about.

More than half of us suffer from menstrualpain. You're not alone.

More than half of us suffer from menstrualpain. You’re not alone.

We’re here to help you, for example during your period. We also know that you want to feel good and be comfortable in your skin. That’s why we came up with the idea of ​​heated bodysuit to relieve you from pain. We designed it to be comfortable, even when used outside the comfort of your home.

The heated bodysuit can be easily hidden under a T-shirt, but it’s not necessary. You can cover it with a jacket, jump into your favourite skirt and head out! Your back can also be warmed up when your lower-back area hurts. But you can wear it just as it is even when you’re not in pain – for example under a shirt in the winter.

How does it work?

The main discomfort most of us feel during our period is caused by womb contractions that restrict proper blood flow in the uterine muscles. To relieve the pain it’s necessary to release the tension, which improves blood flow and oxygenates the tissue. And that’s precisely what heat can do. By using our bodysuit a few days before your period, you can approach it in a much more relaxed way, and the process itself will be more pleasant – the warmth is simply a small miracle. Not only do you protect your body from pain, but you also eliminate one of its causes.

The bodysuit gently warms the lower abdomen and lower back area all the way to your rump. The front and back parts are equipped with a special warmth-conductive layer, which works similarly to an electric blanket, and it’s only 1 mm thick, so you won’t even feel it. After connecting the powerpack to the front and rear areas, it generates pleasant warmth. You can regulate the temperature either directly on the powerpack, which has 3 settings, or through a mobile app, where there are 10 settings in total, along with other useful features. You can easily put the powerpack in a hidden pocket so that it is not visible.

After removing the powerpack, you can wash the bodysuit in the washing machine in the included washing bag. The heating layer is designed to be durable despite its thin profile, withstanding the minimum of 200 wash cycles.

Removable powerpack

The powerpack lasts for approximately 100 minutes while set to maximum temperature. At the lowest setting it can run for up to 3 hours. The powerpack is fully charged in an 2 hours and a half, just like a mobile phone. The package includes 2 powerpacks, that way you can heat the front and back at the same time. The charger is cleverly designed to charge both powerpacks at the same time.

Battery dimensions: 46 × 18 × 80 mm

Warmth conductive layer

The conductive layer provides gentle warmth in the lower abdomen and lower back area. Thanks to special technology and materials it is thin, breathable, elastic and, of course, kind to your health.

Mobile app

You have the intensity, timing and remaining capacity of the battery in your hand with our app. But if you would rather not use it, you can control the bodysuit directly on the battery.

The app shows you how long the bodysuit takes to heat, depending on the degree to which you have set the heating.

Our team

Kateřina Rydlová

Founder, Product and development

Dorota Kajfoszová

Co-founder, Sales and Marketing

Testing reviews

We created Body Moody to suit all women and girls. That’s why we decided on three different approaches to testing: 

Test No. 1 

Over the last year, 65 women have tested the bodysuit. Based on the reviews we focused on the design, material selection, temperature settings and placement of the heated area. 

Test No. 2 

We selected 13 women to use the bodysuit before the start of their period, for 7-10 days on average. We focused on menstrual pain relief, the most commonly used temperature and the use of the mobile app. 

Test No. 3 

We have been testing the bodysuit on three women suffering from severe menstrual pain over a period of up to 6 months.We are still in the process of collecting data on the long-term effects of our bodysuit.


So here are the long awaited results:

❤️ Only one woman resorted to pain relief medication because she suffered from endometriosis, yet she still confirmed that the pain was significantly more manageable while using the bodysuit.

❤️ All testers would buy the bodysuit based on their experience during the testing phase.

❤️ All of them recommended it to their friends, and none of them wanted to return it.

❤️ And none of them wanted to give it back to us.

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Pokračovat ve čtení

You often ask us

  • Which material was used to make the bodysuit?
    We've decided to sew the garment from viscose. It has 2 layers and excellent absorption properties – even better than cotton-based blends. It is pleasant to the touch (as confirmed by our testers), it resembles cotton, and it's comfortable. Viscose ensures optimal heat exchange and thus contributes to a cosy feeling when worn. Unlike pure cotton, it has greater natural flow and a nice sheen to it. And what's better, it's not prone to burp after washing.
  • Can I try the bodysuit before ordering?
    Absolutely! At this time, you'll be able to try the bodysuit in Prague. Contact us and we will arrange an appointment.
  • Can I return the bodysuit?
    You can return the bodysuit within the first 14 days after delivery for any reason, and without justification. If your bodysuit doesn't work as intended, kindly reach out to us, and we will arrange an exchange or refund. We believe in our product, but your satisfaction comes first.
  • What is included in the package?
    • 1 bodysuit (with heated front and back)
    • 2 powepacks
    • 1 charging cable
    • 1 charger (which can charge both batteries at the same time)
    • 1 washingbag
  • Can I sleep in the bodysuit?
    We do not recommend sleeping in the bodysuit. However, feel free to relax on the couch, rest in your chair or read in bed.
  • Can I wash the bodysuit?
    You can safely put the bodysuit in the washing machine; just keep the following in mind: choose a gentle wash cycle and don't use fabric softener. Wash at a maximum of 30 °C using the protective bag that is part of the package. Always make sure that there are no batteries in the pockets. Do not iron the bodysuit – don't forget that it contains electronic parts.
  • Can I bathe in the bodysuit?
    Never bathe in the bodysuit, as it contains electronic parts. But if you get wet or sweaty, you don't have to worry – nothing will happen to you, and you can continue to enjoy the warmth.
  • Should I use the bodysuit only when I'm on my period?
    There is no need to restrict yourself! You can appreciate the bodysuit on a trip to the mountains, at the stadium or on a walk in the winter. Thanks to the app, you don't have to worry about having sufficient layers of clothing, you set the intensity of heating in your smartphone and feel warm while dressed lightly.
  • How long per charge will my bodysuit last?
    Set to maximum intensity, approximately 100 minutes, at the lower settings around 3 hours. Our tip: Use the Boost function you find in the app. The bodysuit will warm up to the max in5 minutes, then the temperature drops by itself, and you will be warm and cosy before you can say Body Moody. We guarantee that the battery will withstand a minimum of 300 charges to full capacity.
  • Do I have to switch on the front and back at the same time?
    We've kept your maximum comfort in mind while developing the perfect design of our bodysuit. Therefore, you can choose whether you want to heat both parts at the same time, or prefer to use just the front or back heaters. Moreover, you can set the temperatures for either part separately.
  • What size should I choose?
    The bodysuits come in XS, S, M, L and XL. Take a look at the size chart. Our tip: If you're on the fence between two sizes and have larger hips, go a size up. If you have bigger breasts, pick a smaller size. Still can't decide? Reach out to us at, we will be happy to assist you with the right size.
  • To what degree should I heat the bodysuit?
    We recommend starting at lower intensity (1 to 4) and gradually increasing the temperature, the ideal level is the one at which you feel comfortable for a long time. If you need to warm up quickly, choose a higher level (5 to 10), if it's still comfortable for you.Then, with your bodysuit warmed up, lower the intensity to keep your battery charged longer. Our tip: Use the Boost function you find in the app. The bodysuit will warm up to the max in 5 minutes, then the temperature drops by itself, and you will be warm and cosy before you say Body Moody.
  • How hot does the bodysuit get?
    The heating range is 40-45 degrees Celsius.
  • Czech product with the support of Swedish technology Inuheat, designed and sewn in the Czech Republic.


    Do you know the term cost per wear (CPW)?
    It is used in relation to clothing and indicates the price per wear.


    If you buy a T-shirt for 190 CZK, but wear it only once because of its poor quality, and it’s unwearable after the first wash, the CPW of this T-shirt is 190 CZK. There is also the additional waste of money that has been used for production and delivery (with people often working in inhumane conditions for menial reward, water, material, and fuel for transport). On the other hand, if you invest in proper winter boots, which cost CZK 4,000, but you practically don’t take them off your feet from November to February and wear them 100 times, CPW is CZK 40. And this is precisely what you can apply to our bodysuit.

    You will not use our bodysuit just during your period, but also to warm you up whenever you get cold. We estimate that you will wear it at least 500 times – at this frequency, the cost per one wear is CZK 19, and that is less than one cappuccino. Furthermore, we guarantee that our bodysuit can withstand at least 200 washes.

    We will help you to choose the correct size immediately after placing your order, or you can visit us in Prague to try the bodysuit in person. Simply contact us to set up a fitting.

    The final price also reflects the fact that the bodysuit utilises a unique technology. It’s a smart piece of clothing that you can wash in the washing machine, made of material produced in the Czech Republic and sewn by a Czech company.

    • Price points 9 950 Kč
    • We offer you two payment options – you can either pay the full amount at once (9,950 CZK) or split it into two payments (first allotment of 5,000 CZK with the pre-order, and the outstanding amount of 4,950 CZK upon delivery). Mark the preferred option in the order form.



      Size chart

      Price: 9 950 Kč

      Jakmile k nám dorazí vaše objednávka, budeme vás kontaktovat, abychom se ujistily, že jste zvolila správnou velikost.

      We'll also provide you with payment instructions.

      Shipping is on the house.

      We have designed an attractive bodysuit that you can wear under your jacket, T-shirt, jumper or a shirt, for a meeting or just at home. 

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        Size chart

        Price: 9 950 Kč

        Jakmile k nám dorazí vaše nezávazná objednávka, budeme vás kontaktovat, abychom se ujistily, že jste zvolila správnou velikost.

        We'll also provide you with payment instructions.

        Shipping is on the house.